2014 Indie Fever Reading Challenge

I have decided to participate in the 2014 “Indie Fever Reading Challenge.”  I will be participating at the amateur level which means that my goal may be to read anywhere between 1 and 24 self-published books.  For this challenge, I will be aiming to read 15 self-published books each by a different author during the year of 2014.

Click here for details about the 2014 Indie Fever reading challenge!

See List Below:

1. Entangled by Nikki Jefford  √

2. Shine not Burn by Elle Casey

3. And all the Stars by Andrea K. Host

4. The Edge of Darkness by Lissa Bilyk

5. True Love Story by Willow Aster

6. Scriber by Ben S. Dobson

7. The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

8. Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King

9. The 19 Dragons by S.M. Reine

10. No One’s Angel by Kelly Walker√

11. Now or Never by A.J. Bennett√

12. Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

13. Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

14. Knotted Roots by Ruthi King√

15. Shattered by Elizabeth Lee

Check back soon for my reviews and updates on my progress!


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