Quick Look: “Jenny Pox,” “In Too Deep,” “Faculty Club”

   Jenny Pox by JL Bryan

   I Rated It:


I wouldjenny+pox only recommend this book to those with huge imaginations and a very open minds when it comes  to the supernatural.  Think Pretty Little Liars meets Zombie Apocalypse.  The final supernatural events far surpass anything that could be predicted. It was a super quick read and I really enjoyed it.  Definitely not for everyone, but I loved it!



In too Deep by Amanda Grace

I Rated It:


This is a very quick read and at the same time, it delves into a pretty serious subject.  It addresses the possibility that young women might cry rape for attention and status.  I can see how this could be a very controversial read given the difficulties that many women face when it comes to reporting true rape and the stigmas that they encountered once the have been lthabeled a “Rape-ee.”  This story takes place in a high school setting and probably isn’t very well suited for women who haven’t yet reached high school themselves.



The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey

I Rated It:



This supernatural thriller combines voodoo, possession, and old fashioned hazing rituals.  After not being inducted into the V&D, a secret society for a select group of law students, Jeremy decides to explore what exactly makes this secret group so special.  His exploration puts him in several near-death situations and ends with an act of heroism.  One of my favorite things about this book is that there isn’t a long resolution.  Suspense, thrill, heroism, and cut to black.  Probably not a good read if your looking for something that’s going to leave you feeling happy or renew your faith in the ability of good to conquer evil.


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