Book Review: “What the Moon Said” by Gayle Rosengren

I Rated It:


what-the-moon-saidA student of mine was very excited about this book so I decided it would be fun to check it out.  It’s a children’s chapter book, I’d say the target audience is probably girls about ages 8-12.  If you work with upper elementary school kids or your just an adult who enjoys a simple, light read, this one is definitely worth checking out.  Esther’s superstitious mother does everything she can to keep bad luck at bay, but her husband, Esther’s father, still loses his job in Chicago when the Great Depression hits.  The family buys a farm and moves to Wisconsin.  Once there, Esther, who has never received the attention or affection that she would like from her mother, is determined to prove to her mother that she is deserving of her love.  Esther quickly makes friends with a girl named Bethany, whom she meets at church.  Shortly after meeting, however, her mother notices a sign indicating that she is “cursed.”  Esther is crushed when she is forced to end her friendship with Bethany, but she is determined to win her mothers love and doesn’t want to bring bad luck to her family as they struggle to keep their farm afloat.  This is a simple yet enlightening story about a family coming together to make it through the great depression and learning to accept each other just the way they are.


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