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My Review: “31 Hours” by Masha Hamilton

I rated it:



This was a suspenseful, interesting novel that held my attention and kept me wanting more.  Unfortunately, it didn’t quite all come together in the end.  The book alternates between the lives of 4 different characters living in New York city over a period of 31 hours:  A young US citizen in training for a terrorist mission, his mother, a life-long friend, and a homeless man.  I’m not exactly sure how the homeless man fit in.  Everyone ran into him at one point or another in the Subway, but if any of them had a significant interaction with him I guess I wasn’t paying very close attention.  The mother spends all of her time searching frantically for the young boy while dealing with her failed marriage.  His friend is dealing with her own parents failed marriage and attempting to help her younger sister with her emotions.  The boy is, obviously, preparing for the mission.  And the homeless man is doing what (I’m assuming) most homeless people do.  The story just didn’t really have any kind of conclusion.  It was a quick, enjoyable read that ended abruptly and definitely could have gone on a bit longer31hours.  Maybe if it had been “48 hours” there would have been enough to leave me completely satisfy.