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Book Review “Now or Never” by A.J. Bennett

I rated it:



I honestly found so little enjoyment in this book that I can barely even remember what it’s about.  I had to go back and read the summary on Amazon in order to even write this review.  Synopsis:  Girl leaves fiance, girl moves home, girl sets out to have lots of meaningless sex with lots of different guys, girl falls in love with one of those guys.  The end.  The most interesting part of the book is when Derrick (the boy who Grayson falls in love with) goes to war and is nearly killed.  And Grayson has this weird ability to sense when someone close to her is hurt or sick so she knows before hearing anything about the accident.  There isn’t however, any point to her strange ability…just some random thing that the author threw in there in an attempt to make it more interesting.  I guess it wasn’t the worst thing in the world I’ve ever read (see this review), but I really wouldn’t recommend it.

I read this book as part of the “Indie Fever Reading Challenge”

I have read 4 of 15 books towards my goal.

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