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My Review: “The Accidental Exorcist” by Joshua Graham

I rated it:

3starsth-2 This book claims to be a novella, but it’s definitely more of a short story.  I think readers need to keep this in mind.  It doesn’t have the development and the more complex format of a novel.  It’s an interesting short story thriller.  Some of the reviews that I’ve read claimed that it was “preachy,” but I didn’t get that vibe from the book.  I think the author was attempting to enforce the idea of how powerful a persons beliefs can be.  In this particular case, they happen to be religious beliefs.  The story was exciting and interesting, but I think that it may be misclassified.  As I said, it’s a short story, not a novella, and I don’t think I’d necessarily call it a psychological thriller.  It does have some underlying psychological aspects to it, but overall I would just classify it as a thriller.  This author is no Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen King, but not many authors are.  It’s a solid short story.  Makes for a nice afternoon beach read.  I’m definitely planning on looking into more of Graham’s “Accidental…” books.